Behind the Scenes

WordPress powered website for Sri Imports

Sri Imports is a rapidly expanding flooring and tiling company in Australia. They have been in business since 2015 and grown since then. They had a website which was set up at the start of the business. Though it looked quite up-to-date at the time, 4 years without any design updates had stagnated the site. They needed a WordPress powered website that suited today’s design aesthetics and web usage.

Welcome the new Sri Imports website. We created the new website from the ground-up using the WordPress platform. This meant that the site, once hosted, could easily be managed by Mr Sri (the owner) himself. They already had a solid online marketing campaign which utilized ads on Gumtree and the Sri Imports Facebook page. We created the new WordPress-powered website with these practices in mind; to enhance the effectiveness of these practices.

Praveen took on this project armed with previous experience of sites created on the WordPress platform by us. We made sure to include large displays of photos. It’s all about the appearance and seeing for oneself the quality and beauty of the flooring.

The company offered a wide range of flooring options. This meant that the options had to be categorized and ordered in an accessible way. Due to this reason, we opted for a hidden dropdown menu in the navigation bar. All flooring options and items had thumbnails attached to them so the user could see a preview of the options before even stepping into the physical shop.

Social media integration is key these days. The company already had an active Facebook fan page. We added a Messenger chat button so that prospective clients can get in touch instantly.

Behind the Scenes

Web Design for Ritzy Automart

The owner of Ritzy Automart, Chethane Nanayakkara identified the significance of  an online presence, even for a car dealership. With the opening of their dealership in Yakkala, Sri Lanka, they also unveiled their website, Chethana handed the huge responsibility of designing their site to OrpheusHQ. Our newest member, Ruchila, successfully completed the web design for the site within a couple of weeks.

Ruchila continued using WordPress to do the web design. This approach has proved to be both fast and reliable in the past. We chose a hosting service that suits the budget, speed and storage requirements of our client.

The web design incorporates a page with extensive vehicle search including brand, transmission type, color and a price range slider. The website adorns a lot of images as we understand that people like to see what they will get before buying the car or vehicle. There is a lot of image sliders and animations to make the experience more dynamic and real.

With advice from Uditha Dissanyake, we did realize that the site is going to be used by  a lot of people in the age range 45 to 55 years. This meant that the site had to be very easy to use and legible.

Final Thoughts on the web design

The website was similar in a lot of ways to what we had already encountered. Although it was not a novelty project, we were able to squeeze in some features that were challenging to us, and our member Ruchila. We strive to challenge oruselves not only for our clients, but also for our own experience.

You should definitely visit Ritzy Automart if you are searching for a sweet new ride. They have really competitive pricing and a diverse selection of models to fit all kinds of budgets. They also have discounts for permit holders. In the mean time, you can give a visit!

Owner of Ritzy Automart using the site with our web design
Chethane Nanayakkara, owner of Ritzy Automart using the site