Attendance Management System – Amzy

Effective attendance management software can significantly reduce the workload of both the HR department and the finance department. Automated attendance management goes even a step further to totally take reporting out of human hands.

Amzy caters to both these requirements. Companies with thousands of employees can easily utilise existing attendance capture devices like fingerprint, RFID…etc. There is no need to rip out existing infrastructure. Amzy attendance management system will integrate right in.

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Amzy web application

It is a SaaS software that runs on any web browser, be it desktop or mobile. This is why it is perfect for modern workplaces where working from home is often required.

Different companies have different ways of calculating overtime. Due to this, Amzy comes with the unique ability to change calculation algorithms to suit the company. Add to this, Amzy can also cater to the needs of all managers by facilitating tailor made reports and graphs.

Orpheus Digital has deployed Amzy for several companies already! So, there is definitely clients to back us up on our claims!

Attendance data capture

  • Download data from existing attendance capture devices like fingerprint scanners, RFID scanners…etc and upload onto the Amzy portal
Page in Amzy attendance management system to manually upload attendance data
Every Amzy deployment will have tailor-made integrations for existing attendance capture systems present in the company
  • Use IoT devices to directly upload attendance data to Amzy in realtime

Dashboards and tables

See employee stats and any other detail at an instant using rich graphical dashboards.

Amzy dashboard page showing graphs of employee statistics
Rich animated dashboards to view all the required statistics at a glance

On the other hand, there are all kinds of table views to get more detailed data:

Attendance list page with advanced filtering options
Variety of filtering options to quickly get the data you want even from large datasets

Attendance reporting and leave management

It is incredibly easy to use the calendar view to manage employee leaves, and even public holidays. And guess what, you can do that right on your mobile phone too!

Attendance absence management screen on a mobile phone
The calendar view being used on a mobile phone

Report generation is the one of the key value areas when it comes to Amzy. Amzy can generate any type of report, regardless of its complexity. The reports are generated as Excel spreadsheets that can be easily printed or even processed further.

Daily attendance spreadsheet generated by Amzy
Excel spreadsheet showing the daily attendance and OT statistics

Security and data protection

Amzy uses industry-standard SSL certificates. To use the system, all users must sign in with a password unique to each user. Super admins can grant different levels of permission to each user in the system. The system encrypts sensitive data like bank details on a database level. Furthermore, Amzy also has an innovative action log that contains entries for all actions and the user who made the actions:

This gives a whole new level of accountability!

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