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UPchieve – Adding Subject Categories

Previously on Technically Speaking, we discussed about setting up the UPchieve platform and making fundamental configurations to both the web frontend and the server. In this article, we discuss about other configuration options

Before we can add categories, we have to remove the existing categories. The system determines categories using the categories the questions are added under.

The easiest way to do is to use the mongo command line.


use upchieve

Or we can use the Edu Admin dashboard by going to

UPchieve Edu admin - add a question view
UPchieve Edu admin – add a question view

But make sure you have logged in as an Admin user to the UPchieve web client first.

After we have cleared the question collection, we can add our own questions using the Edu Admin dashboard. However, this procedure on its own will not update all mentions of the categories on the site. Some mentions we do have to update ourselves.

Changes to the web client

Firstly, we need to update the categories that appear in the subject selection area of the student dashboard. We need to update the topics.js file at;


When creating the topics and subtopics in topic.js, make sure you make the displayName and the key name the same. (This might be a bug)

Changes to the server-side

We need to manually update the questions model at;

/models/Question.js (line 24 onwards)

The categories and subcategories here are not referring to the category and subcategory on the student dashboard! These subcategories refer to certain areas of the the subject. For example: if there is a a super category on the student dashboard called “IAL”, with a subcategory called “Maths”, the Question.js category should be “science” and subcategory should be, let’s say, “calculus”.

/models/Session.js (line 6)
/controllers/TrainingCtrl.js (line 7 onwards)

Then we have to modify the certification entries that are stored in the database along side the user names, we have to modify;

/models/User.js (line 236 onwards)

If everything has worked fine, you should be able to see the new categories throughout the server API and web frontend.