Behind the Scenes Design

‘Samanal Sihinaya’ Concert

On the 31st of December 2016, the cool mountaintops of Bandarawela witnessed the duo Kasun Kalhara and Indrachapa Liyanage live in concert. This was one of the first times, that two such high profile artists were brought in for a concert in Bandarawela. The event was undertaken by Youth Aura.

All of the promotional material including the logos, banners, tickets and handouts were produced by us here at OrpheusHQ..

The promotional logo created for the concert showcased on the official t-shirt

We tried something adventurous with the ‘Bandarawela’ text on the tickets; if you look closely, you could see some of the significant places around Bandarawela through the letters.

If you look closely at the letters in “Bandarawela”, you could see some of the famous places like Nine Arches’ Bridge
Tickets from the concert

The trailer video and the teasers were also made by OrpheusHQ, single-handedly by Hasith.

Thanks to Brothers’ Mint Photography for the great pictures! Check them out too!

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